Putnam Makes Available Roth IRA Conversion Evaluator

Putnam Investments is making its interactive Roth IRA Conversion Evaluator available to both advisers and their clients.

The Roth IRA Conversion Evaluator, previously available only to financial advisers, is featured on a new blog Putnam has created and can be accessed at www.rothirablog.com/roth-evaluator. The tool is designed to facilitate discussion between advisers and their clients on the merits of a Roth IRA conversion.      

The Conversion Evaluator results are displayed on a spectrum of how strongly investors should consider a Roth IRA conversion, reflecting a host of factors including age, current investments, tax situation, and legacy wishes, Putnam said. The tool attempts to provide a better understanding on how specific situations affect the overall decision.

The new blog seeks to offer comprehensive, actionable information about Roth IRAs, conversions from traditional IRAs, and other retirement and estate-planning issues, including commentary by experts.

Putnam’s Roth IRA Conversion Resource Center is available at www.putnam.com/roth2010/.