New Solution Automates Adviser Marketing Efforts

The solution is built around automated newsletters that establish regular contact with clients and prospects. 

Snappy Kraken, a MarTech company focused on helping financial professionals do “modern marketing,” has released an automated newsletter outreach solution for financial advisers.

Snappy Kraken’s “Visual Market Insights” system, which is available as an ongoing paid subscription service, is described as a “complete revamp of the standard email newsletter marketing system.”

“Rather than bland email newsletters with boilerplate facts, figures, and stock data, the Snappy Kraken communications are fresh, highly visual, and encourage sharing across multiple channels,” the firm suggests. “Visual Market Insights includes infographics, landing pages, and social media promotions that help financial professionals get the word out.”

To increase the “shareability,” each Visual Market Insight mailing is tied to a larger campaign “meant to dazzle clients and prospects while informing them quickly.” Each communication is paired with a related, standalone web page. “This serves as another source of traffic, readership, and email list growth for financial professionals,” the firm says, “while also making it easy for people to link to or share the content via social media.”

In addition to helping firms stay in touch with existing clients, Snappy Kraken says Visual Market Insights is “also a great prospecting tool.”

“Each landing page contains a call-to-action asking the reader to subscribe and thus never miss an update,” the firm says. “Each email/infographic/landing page combination is part of a timely, eye-catching campaign that will inform readers, make them smarter, and demystify the facts behind sensational headlines.”

The initial three Visual Market Insights campaigns, which are available now, cover the effects of President Trump’s tweets on the market; the reasons behind the Fed’s rate hikes; and top threats to running out of money in retirement.

Advisers interested in securing a 60-day free trial are encouraged to submit their name and basic contact information via