Navix Offers a Way “Out” for Business Owners

Business owners looking to move on to a different life stage now have a new option.


White Horse Advisors, LLC has unveiled a 14-step process for business value creation and exit planning.

The process, termed Navix by the Atlanta, Georgia-based firm, provides a framework for White Horse Advisors’ exit planning clients to chart a course for their business and personal goals.

According to a press release, the 14-step process takes business owners from the initial determination of exit strategy, through risk management, tax and succession planning, and eventually to life after exit. 

“Exit planning is the conscious effort to grow your business in a manner that can efficiently convert ownership into personal financial freedom and confidence,” said Patrick Ungashick, president of White Horse Advisors. “In our experience, most business owners have more than half of their personal net worth tied up in the business and its supporting assets. Navix identifies and implements strategies designed to maximize business value and tax-efficiently extract that value for personal financial freedom.”

White Horse Advisors, LLC is an independently-owned provider of financial advisory services to owners of closely-held businesses and retirement plan sponsors.

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