M&I Institutional Trust Services Launches Metrics Tool

M&I Institutional Trust Services is rolling out PlanView, an interactive online enhancement that enables retirement plan sponsors and advisers to evaluate plan and participant metrics.

M&I’s PlanView enables plan sponsors and consultants to: 

  • Make rapid inquiries about enrollment, deferral targets, and other active daily plan metrics 
  • Filter plan- and participant-level information by a virtually unlimited choice of parameters 
  • Mix and match information from one or several plans for a high-level or detailed look at plan performance and participant trends  
  • Create 100% customizable reports and templates 

“PlanView enables plan sponsors and their advisers to prioritize areas of improvement, leverage existing strategies and programs, and enrich the sponsor and participant experience,” said Todd Perala, Senior Vice President and Director of Relationship Management. “It possesses the potential to make a meaningful difference in retirement plan outcomes.”