LPL Financial Offers Gainfully Social Media Platform to Advisers

The Gainfully platform is now available to LPL Financial advisers, aimed at supporting and boosting client engagement via compliance-friendly social media content curation. 

Gainfully, Inc. announced its platform is now available to all eligible LPL Financial advisers, offering support with social media curation and more.

The Gainfully platform will source content from LPL, LPL Research and LPL sponsor content in a single app, “making it easy for LPL’s more than 14,000 advisers to source, aggregate and share meaningful content to increase social media engagement and help grow their businesses.”

Gainfully CEO Cameron Nordholm suggests the firm’s embrace of a networked platform model for social media curation “will help enhance and amplify relationships at every level.”

Gainfully enables LPL advisers to access content posted by LPL—as well as content syndicated from other Gainfully platform customers, including more than a dozen LPL sponsors in insurance and asset management. Client-facing content can be shared with the support of Gainfully’s patent-pending compliance technology, enabling instant sharing to social media channels.

“In an increasingly digital world, social media can be an effective way for advisers to build awareness with investors,” says Burt White, LPL managing director, Investor and Investment Solutions, and chief investment officer. “Gainfully’s turnkey capabilities enable our advisers to market their businesses efficiently so they can spend their time where it matters most—helping their clients work toward their financial goals.”

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