Investment Product and Service Launches

American Century Investments redesigns and renames large cap equity fund; Wilshire Associates Incorporated announces the launch of the Wilshire Bond Index. 

American Century Reveals Focused Dynamic Growth Strategy

In order to provide its clients with a more concentrated investment option, American Century Investments is redesigning and renaming its Legacy Focused Large Cap strategy.

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With the changes, newly named American Century Focused Dynamic Growth Fund “becomes a more concentrated, active growth investment strategy.” Under its new moniker, the fund will have a smaller number of holdings and strive for increased difference between the portfolio’s returns and its benchmark.

According to the firm, stocks held in the portfolio will be comprised of companies that the team believes are in the early stages of their long-term growth cycle. The repositioning also will move the fund from the large-blend to the large-growth category.

Launched in 2006, the fund originally was designed as a “go-anywhere” product using a proprietary momentum investment approach. “Enhancements will address a strategic need for a concentrated, high-growth extension of American Century’s current fundamental growth investment capabilities,” the firm says.

Focused Dynamic Growth is co-managed by Keith Lee, vice president and senior portfolio manager; Michael Li, vice president and portfolio manager; Henry He, portfolio manager; and Prabha Ram, portfolio manager.

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Wilshire Associates Launches Wilshire Bond Index

Wilshire Associates Incorporated announced the launch of the Wilshire Bond Index, aimed at providing investment firms with a more accurate reflection of the investible U.S. fixed-income market.

The new index is being introduced by the company’s Wilshire Analytics business arm. According to the firm, the index is “uniquely designed to track money managers’ holdings, providing a valuable perspective on the fixed-income market.”

“The Wilshire Bond Index assesses the performance of fixed-income securities that have been selected by institutional bond managers who actively trade pension assets, which we believe is a measure that better reflects true bond market performance,” explains Cecilia Loo, president of Wilshire Analytics. “Composition of the new index is an important distinguishing factor because its holdings are based on actual investor holdings which are far more relevant from a benchmarking perspective than the simply issued-based holdings of other bond market indexes.”

The index tracks the approximately 13,000 securities from the Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison Service (Wilshire TUCS) database, which represents more than $3.7 trillion in institutional assets. Returns for the Wilshire Bond Index are available on a daily basis from December 31, 2015 and on a monthly basis from June 30, 2004 and can be found at