ING Tool Tracks Retirement Objectives

ING’s U.S. Retirement Services operation has introduced a new Web tool for customers to help them determine if they are on track to achieve their financial objectives in retirement.

My Retirement Outlook provides both a retirement and a paycheck analysis function for users— not only telling users how much they will need at retirement, but whether they can afford to save that much on a per-paycheck basis, according to a news release. It also factors in the user’s defined benefit plan assets, Social Security benefits, and personal savings into the calculations.

In the retirement portion of the tool, users can estimate how much they need to save annually  and per paycheck in order to reach their financial objectives. In the paycheck portion they can see how various savings amounts will affect their take-home pay.

Though the tool was specifically introduced for education professionals using the ING Educator’s Direct 403(b) offering in Delaware, it is available to all ING clients.

My Retirement Outlook is available to anyone free of charge under the Tools & Calculators section of and will be featured on a number of other ING customer Web sites.