ICMA-RC Overhauls Website

Besides revamping the public website, the participant and plan administration portals have also been enhanced.

ICMA-RC, a financial services company that focuses on serving public-sector retirement plans, has upgraded its public website, as well as its participant and plan administration portals.

The new public website has simpler navigation features, straightforward design, targeted messaging and an increased focus on educational tools. For example, the Retirement Education Center has tabs to allow viewers to save for the future, manage their spending, invest what they save, get ready to retire and manage their money in retirement. It also includes videos, such as “Am I on Track?” and a retirement income planning calculator.

The plan participant portal, Account Access, allows users to customize their experiences by choosing the objectives most relevant to their needs based on where they are in their retirement savings journey. New features have been added to the dashboard of the administration portal, EZLink, to give plan sponsors greater accessibility to the items they use the most, such as contributions, enrollments and investments.

“Ongoing development and implementation of technological enhancements is one of the many ways we continue to deliver on our mission of helping public sector employees build retirement security,” says ICMA-RC President and CEO Bob Schultze.