How to Create Effective Client Surveys

Not sure how clients feel about your services? Try sending a survey.

Surveys are a great way to determine client satisfaction and also gauge whether your clients will refer you to others.

As a general rule, surveys should be sent to clients once or twice a year, Sarah Simoneaux, retirement services industry consultant of Simoneaux & Stroud Consulting Services, said during a Transamerica Retirement Services webinar. In addition, the sender should determine how clients prefer to receive surveys and other company information. Once the preferred form of communication has been determined, Simoneaux suggests storing it in a database and informing all staff.

Even if clients rate your services as “very good,” you are still vulnerable to losing business, Simoneaux cautioned; your business should strive for all “excellent” ratings.

The survey should ask clients whether they would refer your business to others and should also ask clients to disclose what you do best and worst. In addition, employees should be asked what they like most and least about the business. In order to make the employee feedback effective and honest, Simoneaux suggests owners leave the room during feedback meetings.

After establishing what your business does best, tell people on your website. Do you respond quickly to clients and potential clients? Are transactions processed within 24 hours? Can retirement plans be converted in 10 days? Prospective clients may not know this unless you advertise it on your website, Simoneaux said.