Hartford Funds Launches ‘Summer School’ Video Series

The eight videos aim to teach advisers about client issues.

Hartford Funds has launched “Summer School,” eight videos moderated by its practice management executives and Joseph Coughlin, director of the MIT AgeLab, to educate financial advisers about issues important to clients today.

The first video, “The New Role of the Financial Adviser,” addresses how advisers can help investors holistically by understanding their individual goals. Others include: “Engaging the Boomer Generation,” which addresses how Boomers should plan and invest for retirement; “The Forgotten 401(k),” which discusses how advisers should underscore the importance of investing for retirement; “Investing in Individuality,” which reminds advisers to partner with investors on their long-term goals; “Getting on Your Client’s Personal Agenda,” which recommends that advisers address investors’ personal agenda and goals; and “Communicating in the Age of Information,” which gives tips on how advisers can reach investors who are bombarded with information.

“The ‘Summer School’ video series brings Hartford Funds’ human-centric investing philosophy to life,” says John Diehl, senior vice president of strategic markets for Hartford Funds. “As the financial advice industry evolves to keep up with technology and generational shirts, ‘Summer School’ helps to navigate those changes and challenges.”

Advisers can subscribe to the series here.