GuideSpark Launches Financial Wellness Product

The product delivers personalized, interactive content to employees.

Workforce communications provider GuideSpark launched its Financial Wellness Product.

The solution enables companies to provide tailored financial wellness education to their employees through a comprehensive financial assessment, personalized action plans, engaging informational videos, and direct integration to actionable, employer-provided programs and tools. With GuideSpark’s personalized mobile and video solution, the aim is to inspire employees to take action and gain control of their financial futures.

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The impact of employee financial stress, such as worrying about bills, making mortgage payments or saving enough for retirement, can be detrimental in the workplace, GuideSpark notes. A recent survey found finance is the No. 1 cause of stress among employees.

GuideSpark’s Financial Wellness product provides employees with a simple way to assess their own financial wellness and learn how they can improve, subsequently guiding them toward taking the appropriate actions.  Designed to meet the needs of workers whether they are based in a physical facility, on-the-road or remotely, GuideSpark’s mobile-first solution is available anytime, anywhere. It includes an extensive interactive video library covering important financial topics such as 401(k) programs, retirement planning, estate planning, budgeting, investing, and much more.

NEXT: Product featuresKey features of the solution include:
  • Financial Wellness Assessment: Through a short, yet detailed, self-service questionnaire covering all aspects of financial health, employees receive their personalized financial health score and a financial stress score, highlighting the specific areas impacting stress levels and identifying gaps in their financial understanding.
  • Personalized Content: Based on their employee assessment results, users are presented with engaging content recommendations, enabling employees to understand where to focus and what steps they can take to improve their financial health. Short videos introduce key concepts, and multiple engagement styles are used to provide depth and education exactly where needed.
  • Easy Integration for Action: GuideSpark’s Financial Wellness product is incorporated into the employer’s existing partner tools and resources that support financial wellness, such as 401(k) providers, financial coaching solutions, employee assistance programs (EAPs), legal services, and many more. As a result, employees benefit from a multi-faceted and personalized experience that drives to action and utilizes often dormant employer-provided resources.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Aggregated reporting and analytics provide employers with key insights that can be used to build and improve more targeted financial wellness programs. They are able to pinpoint stressors and financial hardships that may be unique to segments of their workforce.
  • Cloud-based Service: The financial wellness product is delivered through the GuideSpark SaaS Platform, which is offered as a cloud-based subscription to facilitate rapid deployment and ease-of-purchase. It easily scales across any organization, and provides 24/7 access from all devices such as smartphones, iPads and PCs, ensures employees can view content and videos when and where it is most convenient. Automatic, ongoing updates from GuideSpark ensure the most up-to-date education and communications minimizing on-going maintenance efforts and costs.

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