Great-West Enhances Participant Web Site

Great-West Retirement Services has launched an enhanced Web site for participants in retirement plans it administers.

Great-West said the redesigned site boasts a more intuitive navigation and a new design that leverages graphics and text to address the different ways individuals seek information. It includes quicker navigation to commonly viewed pages and a flexible architecture so additional enhancements can be added easily. 

Other improvements in the queue include:

  • A behavioral-based enrollment process that offers relevant, meaningful content according to a participant’s investor style;
  • A projected retirement income tool that lets participants see how they are progressing toward their retirement savings’ goal and provides ideas regarding how they can close potential gaps between their projected income and their income goal;
  • Additional education through self-service Web-based seminars on the different stages of the retirement planning process—enrollment, accumulation, and distribution;
  • Third-party commentary from industry experts to provide a broad view of what’s happening in the financial markets; and
  • Expanded set of calculators covering financial and retirement planning as well as information to assist with day-to-day purchase decisions while saving for retirement.

“We wanted to make it easy for Great-West participants to quickly identify the information they want,” said Charlie Nelson, president of Great-West Retirement Services. “Because some people are drawn to pictures while others are more comfortable scanning text, we introduced an appealing, intuitive mix of both.”