Genworth Offers Retirement Book for Advisers

Genworth Financial Wealth Management (GFWM), a division of Genworth Financial, Inc., said its new book, “Crossing the Sea,” helps its advisers illustrate the retirement journey to their clients.
Genworth said the story describes “two couples’ journey across the sea to retirement,” each using a different approach. One couple is “sailing,” or hoping the wind will blow in the right direction, and the other couple is “rowing,” or taking a risk-averse approach. Ultimately, the moral of the story is to illustrate that a combination of sailing and rowing result in “a less stressful journey,” Genworth said.

Genworth intends for the story to be a conversation-starter about how investors think about risk and volatility. The book, free for GFWM Advisors, is available online ( or in customizable hard copy by contacting Genworth.