FT Social Security Optimizer Adds LifeYield Income Layers

The updated Franklin Templeton solution presents an easy-to-understand estimate of available income from different asset sources, while modeling an investor’s needs and goals over time.

LifeYield has announced that its Income Layers solution has been added to Franklin Templeton’s Social Security Optimizer.

Franklin Templeton’s Social Security Optimizer is already powered by LifeYield’s technology and will now add the capabilities of Income Layers to help clients visualize how to manage and potentially enhance their retirement income.

According to the firms, financial professionals using Franklin Templeton’s software suite can demonstrate their value by showing clients an easy-to-understand estimate of their available income from various sources. The firms suggest advisers and their clients can use the updated solution to identify specific solutions and strategies to address potential income shortfalls.

“With more than 2,700 rules that influence Social Security filing strategies, there will always be a need for software that plainly shows clients the best path to take,” says Yaqub Ahmed, Franklin Templeton’s head of retirement, insurance and 529 plans. “Strategic partners like LifeYield allow us to expand our capabilities and equip financial professionals with invaluable tools to help clients meet their unique financial goals.”

Jeff Quigley, LifeYield’s vice president of enterprise sales and relationships, says the capabilities being added to the Social Security Optimizer should help investors maximize retirement income.