Envestnet Introduces Retirement Income Solution

Envestnet has unveiled a retirement income solution for registered investment advisers (RIAs) to help clients plan for retirement.

An announcement said PlanHorizon is a fully integrated time-segmented distribution strategy on the Envestnet platform developed to bridge the gap from wealth accumulation to retirement income distribution.

Through PlanHorizon, advisers can access a comprehensive set of tools that allow them to:

  • plan their clients’ retirement investment courses that balance current income needs with the potential performance results needed to possibly sustain wealth through volatile markets and inflationary periods;
  • implement that plan with a range of investment solutions that may include investment recommendations offered through the platform; and
  • monitor the progress of that plan with informative, goals-based reports that give advisers the insight needed to make adjustments, which may include harvesting gains that can be reallocated to a lower risk investment product in order to lock in future income needs.

“Within a time-segmented distribution strategy, an investor’s retirement assets are divided into segments and invested according to appropriate risk-tolerances to provide income over unique periods of time during retirement. Near-term income needs are protected through more conservative investments while longer-term segments are monitored and adjusted for changing circumstances along the way,” said Eric Fowler, SVP, director of Product Development at Envestnet.

More information is available at www.envestnet.com/retirementsolutions