Company Launches 401(k) Annuity Option

National Life Group launched SecurePlus VIP (Value and Income Plan) for the 401(k) market.

Launched through National Life’s member company Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, the fixed indexed annuity is designed to complement traditional investment choices in a 401(k) plan. In association with ExpertPlan, National Life Group is able to offer a fixed indexed annuity as a guaranteed income choice on a 401(k) platform. 

With SecurePlus VIP, participants are guaranteed a minimum rate of interest regardless of market or interest rate activity (assuming no withdrawals in the withdrawal charge period).

National Life Group has selected 401k Marketing to provide training, service and support to agents and advisers offering SecurePlus VIP annuity to employers’ sponsoring 401(k) plans. 401k Marketing will provide “hands on start to finish guidance” to financial professionals through the various new activities required to successfully position fixed index annuities as a standard menu choice for 401(k) plans.

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