AXA Equitable Offers Retirement Calculator App for iPhone

Women can now estimate retirement income straight from their iPhones.

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company launched two free applications for Apple’s iPhone and iTouch to give women consumers access to financial calculators. The tools are part of AXA’s “Women, Wealth and Wisdom” initiative to give women financial education and resources (see “AXA Launches Resources for Women”).

AXA offers two apps: a retirement income calculator to estimate how much monthly income a retirement savings plan might provide, and a college savings plan calculator to determine the monthly savings amounts needed to meet education funding goals.

Next up, AXA plans to launch more apps, including a retirement shortfall calculator, a life insurance calculator, a life expectancy calculator, and an app that combines multiple aspects of a financial situation.

“We launched these applications to help women take control of their finances whenever and wherever they want to,” said Barbara Goodstein, executive vice president and chief innovation officer for AXA Equitable.

Users can download the apps from the iTunes App Store by searching for AXA Equitable.