Americans Worry That Post-Election, Volatility Will Rise

One-third saving for retirement expect the election results will negatively impact their nest eggs.

Nearly six in 10 Americans, 59%, expect the markets to become more volatile following the results of the presidential election, Edward Jones found in a survey of 1,000 people between October 13 and 16.

Among those saving for retirement, 46% think the election results will have an impact on their long-term retirement savings and investment portfolio, and 33% think the impact will be negative.

“Investors can’t afford to let short-term volatility veer their retirement plans off course. Although the outcome of a presidential election certainly influences the overall direction of policy decisions, the mix of investments you own makes more difference to your long-term ‘victory’ or ‘defeat’ as an investor than any election results,” says Kate Warne, principal and investment strategist for Edward Jones. “With this in mind, consult with your financial adviser before making any changes to your portfolio to ensure that you aren’t overreacting as you prepare for retirement.”

The survey echoes a recent BlackRock survey that found 63% of Americans say the election has impacted their investment choices over the past year.