American Independence Unveils Risk-Managed ETF

American Independence Financial Services LLC rolled out the Risk-Managed Allocation Fund, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that seeks long-term growth and is available in three share classes.

Stock tickers for the shares of the global asset-allocation strategy, designed to appeal to investors concerned about volatility, are AARMX  (A shares); ACRMX  (C shares); and RMAIX (I shares). The fund’s subadviser is JAForlines,  an asset manager specializing in risk-managed, ETF-based global allocation investment solutions. The fund will be marketed to financial intermediaries throughout the U.S.

The Risk-Managed Allocation Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation while providing lower-than-average risk. The fund is an actively managed, multi-asset class portfolio that uses ETFs to take advantage of market trends globally. It will invest in fixed income, equities and alternatives, including commodities, real estate and currencies, across the U.S., Europe, Asia and emerging markets. The fund also has the capability to move to cash in times of extreme market duress.

The fund offers agile management, a broad array of asset classes and a global ETF focus for investors who are concerned about volatility and the dangers of single-asset class investing, said John Pileggi, managing partner of American Independence.

According to John A. Forlines III, chairman and chief investment officer of JAForlines, an investment strategy must look at opportunities globally and across asset classes, in order to achieve long-term growth and minimize losses. The fund actively manages risk through investment in efficient index vehicles, Forlines said, a reflection of the firm’s core investment philosophy.

American Independence  is a New York investment advisory firm, and manager of mutual funds and separate accounts.