Allianz Creates Behavioral Finance Think Tank

Allianz Global Investors has created the Allianz Global Investors Center for Behavioral Finance and hired behavioral finance expert Shlomo Benartzi of UCLA as chief behavioral economist.

A news release said the new research unit is part of the company’s overall effort to provide relevant information and resources to financial advisers, plan sponsors, and investors. 

According to the announcement, the center will focus on:  

  • Behavioral Finance Research and Education: The Center will provide financial advisers, investors, and plan sponsors with behavioral finance research and educational tools.  
  • Investing and Risk Management:The Center will leverage behavioral finance to enhance investment processes and risk management.  
  • Retirement and Post-Retirement Products and Solutions:The Center will also help to link behavioral finance research to the needs of the Retirement and Post-Retirement market segments.  

“The behavioral finance toolbox has proven to be an effective mechanism for understanding how individuals make financial decisions,” said Benartzi, in the announcement. “Applying the insights from behavioral finance is critical to designing better financial solutions for investors, and I am delighted that Allianz Global Investors has made such a strong commitment to this field of study.”