Advisor Group Launches New Brand Strategy

The advisory firm collective is revamping its approach to providing advisers with the “support, partnership, and protection” they seek from a broker-dealer/RIA.

Advisor Group, a collective of advisory firms including SagePoint Financial, FSC Securities Corporation, Woodbury Financial and Royal Alliance, announced the launch of a new brand strategy that “better reflects the group’s dedication to  advisers and providing them with the support, partnership, and protection they seek from a broker-dealer/registered investment adviser.”

According to Advisor Group, the brand strategy is based on a qualitative and quantitative research study conducted by Riedel Strategy that “yielded over 1,000 pages of transcribed interviews and deep insight into today’s adviser experience.”

“The research made it clear that advisers see themselves facing significant challenges, and that we are indeed at an inflection point in the industry,” observes Advisor Group President and CEO Jamie Price.

He suggests Advisor Group’s new brand recognizes the significant impact financial advisory professionals have on their clients’ lives. The associated campaign is designed to bring this strategy to life by celebrating the “moments” made possible by advisers.

Included in the new branding strategy are a new tagline, “In your corner,” which “describes Advisor Group’s promise of partnership, loyalty, and support,” along with a “new logo that visually depicts the relationship between the adviser and Advisor Group.”

Advisor Group is also implementing a new print advertising campaign and a “refreshed website featuring a new monochromatic color palette deliberately designed to be neutral to allow its four broker-dealers to be in the forefront.”

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