Advisers Want More Than a Web Site

A kasina study reaffirms that financial advisers align superior digital capabilities with the likelihood that they will use products offered by asset managers and insurers. 

kasina’s annual study, “What Advisors Do Online,” found nearly two-thirds of advisers connect their use of products to superior online presences of firms.

One of the major changes in how advisers are adapting to a digital world is their use of mobile devices, kasina found. “Only 9.4% of advisers were likely to access adviser sites using mobile devices in 2010,” says Lee Kowarski, co-founder and principal of kasina. “But in 2011, 40.6% of advisers access adviser sites of asset managers and 21.5% of advisers are using mobile apps developed by asset managers.” However, only 54% of asset managers and insurers have a mobile strategy for financial advisers.

“Expectations for a firm’s digital footprint have expanded beyond the Web site and e-mail to include key features of social networking and mobile access,” says Kowarski. “Busy advisers spend an average 5 hours a day online. Firms need to ensure that the time spent on their sites, apps, and e-mails is rewarding and productive.”

The study examines advisers’ digital preferences and behaviors for Web sites, email, social networks, and mobile devices and is based on results from kasina’s FA Vision survey research conducted in July 2011 in partnership with Horsesmouth, an online community of financial advisers. Findings are based on responses from 565 U.S. financial advisers representing 135 firms.

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