Adviser Efficiency Stems From Integrating Systems

Advisers need to integrate workflows, technology and human capital, according to a white paper from Fox Financial Planning Network (FFPN). 

FFPN highlights the factors that advisers’ businesses must have to maximize firm efficiency. “The Integrated Practice: Uniting Systems, Technology, Practice Management and Human Capital to Create an Efficient, Profitable, & Enjoyable Financial Advisory Business” says integration of workflows, tech solutions, practice management strategies and human capital are needed to deliver the best client service and create an enjoyable working environment.

“As firms have grown, most have not had a vision of what they want their business to evolve to, and as a result are stuck in third gear, unable to shift into fourth and fifth,” said Deborah Fox, chief executive and founder of San Diego-based FFPN.

The paper introduces the concept of “the Integrated Practice,” a trademarked process of business management that connects all parts of a firm. The report documents the evolution of the independent adviser industry and how the typical firm has not adopted and adhered to standard business practices, such as having a clear business plan, standardized systems for delivering services, effective hiring and retention policies for staff or appropriate use and integration of available technology solutions.

The report, second in a series of practice management resources from FFPN, is available for free download on the FFPN site at