401kFiduciaryOptimizer Makes Significant Database Expansion

In addition to 45,000 plans that were available in the prospecting system, the firm has added another 40,000 “to supercharge sales efforts.”

The newly expanded 401kFidicuaryOptimizer program from RiXtrema now includes more than 85,000 plans in its sales and prospecting support database.

In addition to existing plans in the “Plan Screener” database, users will now see plans that have a “Request Plan” button next to them. If the adviser requests a plan, it will be added to the database within 24 hours, “allowing advisers to get started on diagnostics for that plan sponsor right away.”

“Best of all, for any plan that you request, you will be the first advisor to diagnose and solve plan sponsor’s potentially dangerous problems,” the firm says. “401kFO uses sophisticated quant algorithms to optimize three things that get the response of a CFO: significant cost savings, significant performance improvements and fiduciary liability and best practices support.”

The firm adds that “CFOs are especially willing to talk because 401kFiduciaryOptimizer’s reports are novel to them.”

More information is available here.