2017 PLANSPONSOR Plan Sponsor of the Year Finalists Announced

This week our fellow Strategic Insight publication, PLANSPONSOR, is announcing the finalists for the 2017 Plan Sponsor of the Year Awards; find out who is being recognized here. 

This week PLANSPONSOR, the sister publication of PLANADVISER, is revealing the finalists for its 2017 Plan Sponsor of the Year Awards.

As in past years, judges were truly impressed with the volume and quality of the submissions, which covered all types and sizes of defined contribution and defined benefit plans, established by public and private employers. It was readily apparent that many of the plans that submitted information deserve to be recognized for their innovative thinking, strong financial performance and the dedication of their administration staff, service providers and fiduciaries alike.  

Advisers will surely agree—even with all the challenges businesses have faced in the last decade, many plan sponsors remain fully committed to supporting their employees’ retirement ambitions. Advisers will also know that each retirement plan is unique, and so selecting finalists, while not a science, required the judges to consider a wide variety of factors including richness of program offerings, commitment to the program, leadership and innovation.

Our heartiest congratulations to the programs listed below, and to the plan sponsors and service provider professionals that make those programs possible. PLANSPONSOR and PLANADVISER are honored to be part of sharing your insights and experiences.


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CORPORATE 401(K) >$1B (click here)

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