Windham Capital Launches “Tactical Portfolio”

Windham Capital Management revealed the “Windham Tactical Portfolio,” an active asset allocation strategy that uses proprietary risk measures to control exposures throughout market cycles.

Portfolio managers will be able to adjust the investment mix of their portfolios to grow principal in times of low risk and to preserve principal in times of high risk.   

The Windham Tactical Portfolio will be made available to high-net-worth individuals, financial advisers, small institutions, and family offices. “In the wake of the near collapse of the world financial system, many individual investors and smaller institutions are searching for investment strategies that tactically shift exposures when market conditions change,” said Mark Kritzman, Windham’s Founder and CEO.  “The Windham Tactical Portfolio incorporates the same proprietary risk measures that, prior to 2008, were only used to manage tactical strategies for our large institutional clients.”    

The Windham Tactical Portfolio can be combined with any of the Windham Core Portfolios to meet an individual’s specific investment goals.  The Core Portfolios are designed for a range of risk preferences, from conservative to aggressive.