Website Helps Advisers on the Move

Advisers have many fears when considering switching firms or going independent.

The most common anxiety-provoking questions are, “Will clients follow me?,” “What kind of support will I get to move my business?” and “Will I be out of business during the transition?,” according to Cetera Financial Group.

“The fear of loss is so much greater than the draw of an anticipated gain,” Susan Theder, chief marketing officer of Cetera, told PLANADVISER.

Cetera recently launched an interactive website designed to address the questions and concerns about moving an adviser might have. The website includes transition calculators, detailed infographics, video testimonials, white papers, newsletters and more. 

Every adviser leaves a firm for a unique reason, Theder said, but the common denominator is the emotional aspect of change. This is a difficult process that prompts fears of how long it will take to get the business back up and running.

Advisers’ roadblocks to quickly getting the business back in order can include weak administrative support, doing everything independently in hopes of saving money and moving too quickly, Cetera cautions. The company said it can help an adviser complete his transition process in 90 days or less.

Before moving, advisers also want to make sure there is long-term value in the change. Cetera offers a comparison tool on its website that allows advisers to see the economics behind changing firms.

Cetera’s website for advisers is at