WealthConductor Announces Launch of Health+

The application uses HealthView Services data to allow advisers to help their clients make more comprehensive income plans.

WealthConductor LLC, a fintech firm that provides enterprise and financial adviser clients with the retirement income planning software IncomeConductor, has announced the launch of a new product, Health+.

By incorporating HealthView data, Health+ helps advisers using IncomeConductor to integrate projected health care expenses into retirement plans, says Ron Mastrogiovanni, chairman and CEO of HealthView Services.

IncomeConductor’s Dynamic Plan Editor allows advisers to create customized, written income plans alongside their clients, who can see the impact of various assumptions on their plans in real time. Now, by incorporating institutional health, Social Security and longevity data from HealthView Services, Health+ can show advisers and clients how the clients’ individual health situation and related expenses impact their overall plan and assist them in choosing a Social Security claiming strategy that achieves the best income scenario.

“Healthcare expenses and not outliving one’s savings are consistently two of the top concerns retirees have. Oftentimes, advisers and clients must base decisions on ‘best guesses’ or go by outdated rules of thumb and may even avoid the uncomfortable conversation about the client’s longevity and health altogether,” says Sheryl O’Connor, WealthConductor CEO and co-founder. “Having reliable data and instantly seeing the relational impacts of assumptions based on these data with IncomeConductor will undoubtedly lead to more reliable income plans.”