Want Gold in Your IRA?

Spyker Consulting, Inc., an international bullion brokerage firm, said it offers individual retirement account (IRA) services for qualified investors seeking to have gold, silver, platinum, or palladium in their retirement accounts.

“There are billions of dollars in IRA accounts, many of which are down in value significantly over the past few years,” said JM Schuler, chief analyst at Spyker Consulting, in a news release. “We have found investors to be desperately searching for ways to put some of this money into tangible assets, and, at the same time recoup some of their losses in the equities markets.”

Spyker Consulting, Inc. has chosen Sterling Trust Company to be the bank of record and administrator of the IRA programs. Sterling is one of very few banks allowed to offer precious metals in IRAs, Spyker said.

Schuler said gold and silver are historic hedges against inflation and currency value erosion. “While precious metals may not be for everyone, we can see a percentage of client assets invested for the long term in this historically proven manner,” he said … This service allows them to participate in the best performing asset class of the decade while protecting their portfolios from further, possible stock market deterioration.”


More information is available at www.spykermetals.com or www.spykermetalsnews.com.