USI Consulting Launches Lifetime Income Solutions

USI Consulting Group announced it is now offering guaranteed lifetime retirement income solutions through Highland Capital Brokerage, Inc. 
The addition of USI Annuity retirement income solutions helps plan participants improve their retirement income planning by providing a rollover solution for participants who aren’t sure how to choose income annuity options or determine their retirement income needs on their own. The USI Annuity program is intended to provide advanced planning, personalized support, customized solutions and access to financial products to address the lifetime income needs of retiring participants.

“There is a great need among retiring plan participants for converting the retirement savings nest egg accumulated in their defined contribution plans into a retirement income stream that will last throughout their lifetime. The USI Annuity program is a great addition to our Direct Solutions bundled DC plan service model and is intended to help participants develop a plan for retirement, determine their basic needs and provide customized solutions for the rank and file employee who may not have access to this service elsewhere,” said Chris Martin, senior vice president of USI Consulting Group.

With USI Annuity, participants receive a personalized retirement strategy, including a retirement income needs assessment, recommended basic expense estimates and development of a retirement income plan using the lifetime income products menu available through Highland Capital Brokerage, Inc. This service is available to all participants who participate in the Direct Solutions program for defined contribution plan service. Retiring participants will also benefit from professional income planning, expert assistance in product selection from a menu of guaranteed income products and streamlined execution of the plan by the administration experts at USI Consulting Group.

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