Updated Platform Helps Create Tax Efficient Portfolios

Orion Advisor Services is releasing an updated version of its portfolio management platform, Advisor Desktop.   

Designed for registered investment advisers (RIAs), the new Advisor Desktop has an added feature to help advisers create tax efficient strategies for clients at the household level.

“Advisers are constantly looking for new ways to increase tax efficiency in their portfolios,” said Eric Clarke, President of Orion Advisor Services.

The tax-efficiency feature assists advisers in creating model portfolios for clients at the household level to help reduce tax liability by allocating income-generating assets into tax-deferred accounts, and capital gains-oriented assets to taxable accounts. Advisers will have the ability to prioritize asset classes according to their tax efficiency status and rebalance the household portfolios to locate assets in the most tax efficient locations.

In addition to household level modeling capabilities, Orion also added a tax efficient trading feature with the ability to swap out securities with a predetermined loss amount and then purchase an alternative security with the proceeds, allowing advisers to capture investments with a loss against their cost basis.   

For more information about Orion Advisor Services, LLC, visit www.orionadvisor.com.