Turnkey Program Offering Fee Benchmarking Service

Retirement plan provider Retirement Desk is offering a no-cost fee benchmarking service for advisers and sponsors. 

The service being offered by Retirement Desk aims to help advisers and plan sponsors determine if their retirement plan is fee competitive. Users may either enter the collected data themselves or Retirement Desk will read through provided agreements and statements to uncover the total costs of the plans. In addition, the proposal generation tool generates an illustration with a competitively priced TD Ameritrade solution. Retirement Desk says it plans to add other vendors to the comparison tool in its next version.

The services are designed for the small- and mid-sized marketplace. Both are now available at the company’s Web site and are currently free of charge to advisers and companies who register to the site when they submit their plan information.

For more information visit http://www.retirementdesk.com.