TradePMR Takes on FinScore Pro

The digital solution will allow advisers to help visualize their risk tolerance alongside recommended portfolio allocations.

TradePMR, a private brokerage firm providing digital solutions to registered investment advisers (RIA), announced it is integrating two products by FinMason into its adviser desktop workstation Fusion and its new mobile platform EarnWise. 

Advisers using Fusion and EarnWise will be able to access FinScore Pro, a visual risk tolerance assessment platform that allows clients and prospects to identify their ideal level of risk versus reward — even if they have little or no financial background, the firm notes. Advisers can then insert their recommended portfolio solution directly into the visual risk tolerance framework.

TradePMR says it will also become one of the industry’s first custodial services platform to integrate with FinMason’s FinRiver, a suite of APIs giving Fusion and EarnWise clients access to institutional-grade investment analytics on virtually every publicly traded investment available.

“Staying on the cutting edge of custodial services means bringing the best solutions to our clients,” says Robb Baldwin, founder and CEO of TradePMR. “FinMason not only has what we believe to be best-in-breed products, they are easy to integrate into our process so we can provide a seamless and intuitive workflow for our clients.”