TIAA-CREF Connects Smartphone Users with Financial Advice

By taking a picture of TIAA-CREF’s advertisements, smartphone users can link up with an investment consultant.

TIAA-CREF’s new “Make a Change for the Good” print advertising campaign uses Quick Response code technology to connect the smartphone user to a consultant. The company said the first advertisement, which debuted in The New York Times, invites smartphone users to take a picture of the Quick Response code to connect by phone with one of TIAA-CREF’s noncommissioned investment consultants.

Nearly 13% of TIAA-CREF’s 3.6 million participants are between the ages of 25 and 34, the same age range of the majority of smartphone users, according to Nielsen, a TIAA-CREF announcement said.

To scan QR codes, individuals need a smartphone with a camera and a code reader. Smartphone users can search for “QR code reader” in their search engine or go to a smartphone official app store for a free code reader.

“Sometimes the hardest part of getting started on a plan is picking up the phone,” said Jeff Fleischman, the company’s chief digital officer. “QR code marketing is one way to encourage our more tech-savvy participants to call us. We know that people who have a financial plan are more likely to save more and are better prepared to weather the ups and downs of the market.”