The Value Quotient Releases Fiduciary Management Solutions

The Value Quotient announced the release of CLIENTconnect, fiduciary management solutions delivered by financial advisers to their 401(k) and 403(b) clients.

CLIENTconnect offers templates, which are nine immediately downloadable files in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher that are fully customizable. According to the announcement, the templates facilitate risk management, expense management, and plan utilization by enabling the adviser to calculate and assess plan costs, execute results-oriented plan committee meetings, insure important initiatives are successfully completed, identify problems, and more. The cost for the bundle of nine templates is $79.

CLIENTconnect also includes The Fiduciary Materials Binder, which Value Quotient said addresses the problem faced by many plan sponsors of deficient due diligence Best Practices. The 3-inch binder comes with 13 pre-printed tabs labeled with the names of fiduciary items the plan sponsor should be retaining, including plan committee minutes, other evidence of plan monitoring, employee education materials, and more. The Binder sells for $129 and can be customized with an adviser’s logo and/or name at no additional cost.

“CLIENTconnect enables advisers to establish a value proposition based on delivering results, which reduces their risk of losing existing relationships and improves their competitive edge in winning new relationships,” said Jessica Weiner, founder of The Value Quotient, in an announcement.

The solutions are available at