Tech Integration Remains Elusive


Linking technology to business needs is essential for true integration, yet many advisers still struggle with identifying a fully integrated solution.  



Advisers face increasing pressure to meet the evolving demands of their clients, and many understand that integrated technologies could help ease some of the pressure, according to a white paper from SEI.

“Winning Advantage: The Financial Advisor Playbook for Achieving True Integration” explains how to implement an integrated technology approach. It defines true integration, examines the need for integrated technology and provides a guide to help advisers achieve the highest levels of integration by matching technology needs and process reinvention with their firm’s business goals.

True technology integration is a system that allows all of an adviser’s technologies to communicate with each other and perform necessary tasks within a single application, whether they are related to investments, client service, or administration and operations, according to the paper. Included is a step-by-step playbook that outlines a measured and strategic approach to help advisers adopt the right solution to fit specific business needs.

Selecting the best technology solution begins with the adviser evaluating the firm’s operational and business processes to ensure they align with client needs. Advisers must then create a plan to implement a unified system that integrates all of their technology and software tools. A unified system can provide advisers numerous benefits—including increased efficiency, revenue growth, and, most importantly, increased face time with clients and prospects.

“Advisers often confuse compatibility with integration, largely because of how the technologies are marketed,” said Kevin Crowe, solutions unit leader for the SEI Advisor Network. “Just because the CRM [customer relationship management] software and the portfolio management tool are compatible with one another does not mean they are a single, integrated system. Only when a truly unified system is implemented will an adviser realize the many business benefits that come from the increased efficiency. This paper helps advisers not only understand what integration is, but how to achieve it.”

The white paper, published by the SEI Advisor Network, provides insights on the implications of technology integration for clients, tips for choosing the right solutions, and details on the resulting business benefits and impacts. A copy can be requested at

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