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Hidden Positives

A 3(38) fiduciary can benefit retirement plans in more ways than the obvious.

Be Stronger in the Recovery

Todd Kading, president and co-founder of LeafHouse Financial, discusses the importance of flexibility and innovation when the tough times arrive.

Clear Ground Rules Essential With 3(38) Fiduciary Clients

Experts share strategies for helping advisers taking on 3(38) fiduciary clients understand how they can set up the right processes and procedures—up front—for dealing with client concerns and questions about the investment menu.
Art by Uijung Kim

Brass Tacks

Serving as a 3(38) fiduciary enables an adviser to focus more on plan outcomes
Art by Uijung Kim

Forward Focus

How offering 3(38) fiduciary services can help advisers declutter the investment conversation

Par Excellence

Celebrating the 2018 PLANSPONSOR Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year finalists and winners

DISRUPTION: 3(38) Market Leader CAPTRUST Talks Growth Trends

“If the whole DC plan advisory industry could have a do-over from say, 20 years ago, I think there would probably be much more of an emphasis from a lot of different firms on the 3(38) arrangement,” says CAPTRUST CEO Fielding Miller; in an exclusive interview, he describes in detail the firm's success building scale in the 3(38) fiduciary advice market.
Art by James Yang

Value Added

Helping sponsors see the worth of an adviser's fiduciary services