TABB Group Offers Insights for Transition Managers

Nearly 40% of the investment officers surveyed from public and private pension funds, endowments and foundations said they consider investment consulting when selecting a transition manager.

Those who did not seek investment assistance opted for an internal due diligence process (69%), a pre-existing relationship (20%) or a custodian (17%), TABB wrote in a report on transition management industry issues.  

The survey results show that equitization (27%) and interim management capabilities (42%) are viewed by investment officers as the two most valued parts of a transition manager’s services.   

Based on the 105 contacts, TABB said it believes that transition managers can differentiate themselves through asset-class expertise, specifically fixed income, emerging markets and illiquid securities; hands-on service and by building individual relationships with plan sponsors and their teams; efficient project management, by delivering daily updates, progress reports and trade status; and commitment and trust built on quality of service.   

The report is available for download by TABB Group Research Alliance clients at