Securian Releases Social Security Timing Calculator

Securian’s Social Security Timing calculator enables advisers to compute the amount of income couples forego by claiming early.

The financial group has released a package of tools for advisers, which includes:

  • The mobile-friendly Social Security Timing calculator, showing clients the financial effects of various claiming strategies;
  • A continuing education workshop about advanced claiming strategies;
  • A workshop for advisers to use with clients that includes an informational guide and a worksheet to start the process of deciding when to claim Social Security; and
  • Multiple collateral pieces that include prospecting tools and reference materials.

Only 18% of Baby Boomers and retirees had plans or were making plans for maximizing their benefits, according to a survey conducted by Securian Financial Group last year.

“Social Security is one of the few remaining sources of lifetime, inflation-adjusted income,” says Kerry Geurkink, manager, individual annuity market, Securian Financial Group. “Most people don’t realize how many benefit claiming options they have. Advisers can help clients explore their options and make sound decisions.”