Securian Makes Changes to Investment Lineup

An additional 21 investment options from Securian Retirement offer diversity to advisers looking for more choices for retirement plan clients. 

The company looks for low expenses, risk-adjusted performance and asset managers with repeatable, disciplined investment processes, according to Kent Peterson, director, investment services and senior associate actuary. “Advisers can feel confident they are offering quality investment choices backed by a comprehensive due diligence process,” Peterson said. 

The net operating expenses of the new Securian options are extremely competitive relative to their peer strategies, with the majority at 0.2% or less, the company said. Additionally, all revenue-sharing funds from investment companies are passed on to plan participants on a daily basis using a 20-year-old process called Securian’s Actual Allocation Method.

Securian has added the following investments: Total International Stock Index I; Large Growth Equity XV; Inflation-Adjusted Bond II; Mid-Cap Equity IV; Small/Mid Growth Equity IV; Natural Resources III; Emerging Markets III; Small Value Equity XVIII; Emerging Markets Index IA; and International Core Index I.

For target-date accounts with underlying investment options based on Vanguard Retirement Funds with the correlative dates, the following options are now available: Retirement 2015; Retirement 2020; Retirement 2025; Retirement 2030; Retirement 2035; Retirement 2040; Retirement 2045; Retirement 2050; Retirement 2055; Retirement 2060; and Retirement Income.

Securian said it would close the following investment options to new plans effective September 4. On November 20 they will be mapped and closed: Long-Term Investor-Grade Bond; Managed III; Large Value Equity II; and Small Value Equity IX.  

More information is available on the “Financial Professionals” page here.