Schwab MoneyWise Creates Facebook Page

Charles Schwab is expanding its “MoneyWise” program to Facebook, aiming to attract more Gen Y users.

The goal is to engage in dialogue with the 20-something crowd, who have plenty of financial hurdles to grapple with, yet may not know where to go for help–or that they should even think of asking for help.  

As stated on the Facebook page, MoneyWise is meant to: 

 “Offer all people the knowledge and confidence to make smarter financial decisions. Through our website, workshops, articles and books, we offer tips and tools that demystify the ABCs of personal finance. 

We believe that learning is a two-way street. So that brings us to Facebook. What better place to share thoughts and opinions? We’re eager to hear yours, so let’s start the conversation.” 

As of Monday at noon, the page had attracted 36 Facebook members to formally “Like” the site.  

Schwab will be facing competition in the Facebook arena – Diversified Investment Advisors announced its page last week (see “DIA Launches Facebook Page”).