Russell Discloses Transition Management Performance

Russell Investments is providing transition management data to the Inalytics TIPS (Transition Implementation Performance Standards) database.

According to a press release, clients of Inalytics will be able to review transitions carried out globally by Russell for the past five years, including summary information about transition performance across a wide range of asset classes.  

Historically, Russell has made data available to its clients through reporting, but this is the first time that it will be available to a wider range of investors, the announcement said. This initiative will enable investors to make comparisons across a wide range of transition managers. The database also shows the importance of sophisticated risk management in delivering successful transitions.    

Russell Investments created the T Standard benchmark in 2003. Currently, Russell Investments is secretary to the T-Charter, a body formed in 2007 to establish consistent and transparent standards across the industry. In 2009, Russell managed 733 transitions globally with a value of $581 billion, along with overlays with a notional amount of $65 billion in exposure management.   

”We have always argued for a transparent approach to transition management so that clients can identify providers with consistently accurate pre-transition cost estimates,” said Steve Kirschner, head of transition management, Americas, in the press release. “Russell applauds Inalytics in its efforts to provide an independent source of historical transition performance data.”