Rocaton Adopts Pension Risk Analytics Solution

Rocaton Investment Advisors, LLC has adopted RiskFirst’s PFaroe web-based platform to help clients better analyze and manage pension plan risk.

PFaroe is a real-time, web-based valuation, analytics and reporting platform designed to help risk managers gain deeper insights into their risk exposure across multi-asset portfolios and master regulatory complexity. Since it is delivered in modular form, users can license tools according to their needs for day-to-day management or for specific projects (see “PensionsFirst Broadens Focus to Become RiskFirst”).

“Rocaton prides itself on a tailored approach with our clients, designing investment portfolios to reflect their specific objectives based on robust modelling of market risk and return expectations. We are excited to leverage the advantages of PFaroe’s asset, liability and risk analytics, which gives a holistic view of clients’ plans built on a robust analytical framework,” says Joe Nankof, consultant and partner at the Norwalk, Connecticut-based Rocaton.

Nankof adds that one aim of offering the PFaroe platform is to enhance the dialogue with its clients and enable them to implement decisions more effectively by directly accessing real-time reporting and enhanced analytical capabilities.

“We are delighted to have Rocaton on board as the first major U.S. investment consultancy to adopt our PFaroe platform,” says Benjamin Reid, president of the London-based RiskFirst. “In today’s complex and ever-changing asset allocation and risk management landscape, we are witnessing increased demand for quality and consistent risk analytics delivered in an easy-to-use format. As a result, PFaroe is now establishing a growing presence in the United States.”

Nankof added, “As an independent firm, Rocaton has the freedom to explore tools offered by the marketplace which can augment our internal capabilities to better advise and serve our clients. We are delighted to be one of the early-adopters in the U.S. of RiskFirst’s innovative technology.”

Rocaton currently has approximately $400 billion in assets under advisement for clients, including defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans, health care and insurance companies, endowments and foundations, financial intermediaries, and private wealth clients. For more information, visit