RISE Launches Retirement Income Marketing Tools for Advisers

For financial advisers wanting to educate clients about and sell retirement income solutions, the Retirement Income Solutions Enterprise (RISE) offers an engagement system.

The RISE Mature Simplicity engagement system includes interactive tools embedded in PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents, according to a news release. Included in the system are seminars and brochures about the five key risks in retirement (longevity, inflation, healthcare, withdrawal, and market). Also included is an in-office presentation that introduces clients to the retirement income big picture and their individual readiness.

RISE said the system provides clients the information they need about retirement income issues, which helps the adviser provide guidance and effective solutions.

“There are many different products available for retirement income, but advisers struggle to position them in an integrated package to their clients without coming across as ‘product pushers’” said Garth Bernard, RISE principal. “This is especially true with products providing guaranteed income such as income annuities—a critical component in most retirement income plans. We saw that the most successful advisers work to educate clients on the critical risks and issues they face in retirement, creating a big picture framework for their clients before they ever discuss specific products.”