RIA Announces Retirement Plan Advice Offering

Kring Financial Management has developed a solution for investors who want to manage their retirement plan investments proactively.

Kring Financial’s new advisory service, 401k ProAdvisor, will offer clients personalized advice on their 401(k), 403(b), or retirement plan on a quarterly basis, according to a press release.

Clients can provide a summary of how their retirement plan money is invested, as well as information about their financial goals, time horizon, contributions, and their tolerance for risk, the company said. Using that information, the 401k ProAdvisor service will analyze each available fund using multiple factors, and provide specific recommendations on what funds and amounts the client should buy or sell each quarter.

“We study technical and fundamental factors, and use research from several sources before developing our recommended list,” said William Kring, founder of Kring Financial Management.

The 401k ProAdvisor service is available nationwide, and the company said it meets the requirements of the 2006 Pension Reform Act provisions about giving advice in a 401(k) plan, for which the Department of Labor is working on final guidance (see “EBSA: Fee Disclosure Regs Coming“).

More information is available at www.401kproadvisor.com/index.html.