Putnam Launches Roth IRA Resource Center

Putnam Investments has launched a new Roth IRA Conversion Resource Center for financial advisers.
According to an announcement, the Resource Center includes information about traditional IRA conversions, how to evaluate whether they make sense, what investors should consider before converting, and how Putnam can help an adviser have the Roth IRA conversion conversation with their clients. The solution is designed to help financial advisers respond to clients asking for advice on conversions since the tax law change eliminating income caps that restricted higher-income investors from converting traditional IRA assets to Roth IRAs took place on January 1.

The Roth IRA Conversion Resource Center features the Putnam Roth IRA Conversion Evaluator, an interactive tool designed to facilitate a conversation between advisers and their clients and which provides results displayed upon a spectrum of how strongly or not clients should consider a Roth IRA conversion, depending upon their current tax situation, age, legacy wishes, and other factors, the announcement said.

The offering also provides advisers with support materials, including comprehensive Roth IRA conversion background, considerations for clients thinking about a conversion, information on conversion wealth management and tax strategies, to-do checklists, and letters than can be adapted to explain the new changes to clients.