Putnam Develops Open-Architecture Mutual Fund Tool

Putnam Investments is launching FundVisualizer, a tool for researching mutual fund data, designed to be "visually compelling."

FundVisualizer offers evaluations of more than 10,000 investment choices in real time, using more than 60 different selection criteria, Putnam announced. The tool provides side-by-side comparisons of multiple products, including Putnam funds, as well as choices from funds across all categories, both load and no-load. Putnam anticipates that the data, compiled from Morningstar research, will allow an adviser using an open-architecture approach to make investment decisions confidently.

“By giving this powerful analytical tool an open architecture, we enable advisers to choose which funds—and data points—they want to compare,” said Bill Connolly, Head of Global Distribution. “FundVisualizer provides the real-time comparative information that advisers need to guide their clients in making the right decisions as they build portfolios to meet their personal financial goals.”

The tool, which will be updated regularly, is currently being introduced to advisers by Putnam wholesalers. By registering with Putnam, advisers can access FundVisualizer by logging into Putnam’s adviser Web site (www.putnam.com/advisor), where they can perform comparisons of funds using data points related to performance, risk and other factors, and obtain prospectuses for any fund. Putnam reported that they will be introducing the iPad version in the near future.