Putnam Campaign Advises Anticipating, Not Reacting


Putnam Investments  aims to shine a light on the critical role of innovation in driving outcomes for advisers and investors.



The firm is kicking off an awareness-building campaign to discuss the important distinction between anticipating change and merely reacting to it.

Advisers and investors must continually anticipate the evolution of the investment markets—which show little sign of losing their highly dynamic qualities—and act to seize a new set of opportunities and mitigate unforeseen challenges, Putnam Investments said.  

“New Ways of Thinking,” Putnam’s awareness-building campaign, will officially begin on Monday, February 11, with a series of print, direct marketing and online advertising, and will use a host of content-driven, multi-media vehicles to communicate the need to incorporate modern, innovative investment approaches into more traditional investment models and mindsets in order to continually stay ahead of the curve.

“The marketplace needs to think today about tomorrow,” said Robert L. Reynolds, president and chief executive at Putnam Investments. “The past five years have brought extreme swings in market conditions, driven by a confluence of factors that left many investors shell-shocked and ill-prepared to either seize unprecedented investment opportunities or protect their portfolios from downside risk.”


While staying ahead of market ups and downs has always been important, it needs to be clear to investors, their advisers and asset managers that embracing innovative thinking is no longer optional, but imperative, Reynolds said.

“The market environment for the foreseeable future demands that advisers and their clients build greater versatility and active risk management into their underlying portfolios, using a host of investment tools,” Reynolds said. Strategies may include combining benchmark-measured and benchmark-independent investments, global diversification with embedded downside protection to help navigate uncertain markets, and strategic use of alternative asset classes, he noted.

Putnam’s awareness-building efforts will focus on providing insight into the challenges facing advisers and investors, and encouraging them to consider new ways of thinking about investing, which could include taking a more targeted approach to investing, pursuing the best ideas and finding new drivers of return.

In addition to new print, direct marketing and online advertising, the firm will develop content-rich thought leadership through business seminars, industry events, and white papers on the marriage of traditional and alternative products, benefits of Sharpe ratio investing and active risk management, among other topics.

For more information, visit http://www.putnam.com.