Prudential Retirement, MullinTBG Meld Platforms

A new partnership between Prudential Retirement and MullinTBG should allow sponsors and advisers to better handle qualified and nonqualified programs, according to a news release.

The announcement said the Total Retirement Solutions (TRS) platform has now been enhanced with nonqualified plan services.

“The integration of critical Prudential Retirement and MullinTBG business systems streamlines how information is relayed, providing essential benefits to our clients, adviser partners, and executive participants,” said Mike Shute, MullinTBG’s chief executive officer. “There’s now a single payroll feed, consolidated benefit statements, single sign-on access to qualified and nonqualified plans, and financial planning tools, and coordinated call center functionality to handle inquiries about all accounts.”
According to the news release, the plan to coordinate administrative functionality between Prudential Retirement and MullinTBG was initiated in 2008 when Prudential acquired MullinTBG Insurance Agency Services, LLC (see “Prudential Acquires MullinTBG”).
The announcement said the combined platform now includes the services of 250 specialists in nonqualified plans to consult about best practices, legislative issues, executive communication strategies, and financing of pre- and post-retirement benefit liabilities.
Clients also will be able to take advantage of Web sites for sponsors and nonqualified-plan participants, the announcement said.