Prudential Offers Consumer-Focused Annuity Site

Prudential Annuities said its new Web site educates consumers about variable annuities in language that makes sense.

The Web site,, targets investors in or nearing critical years before and after retirement—the period Prudential calls The Retirement Red Zone—who are focused on finding ways to protect their retirement income.

The site features an educational video about the company’s Highest Daily Lifetime 6 Plus optional living benefit, which was also announced today (see “Prudential Updates ‘Highest Daily’ Annuity Optional Benefits”).

Prudential said the Web site is part of a digital advertising strategy aiming to simplify variable annuities and accompanying optional benefits. The site and video are designed to encourage consumers to talk to their financial professional.

Prudential has also made the video available to financial professionals on CD for use with their clients.

For copies of the CD, financial professionals can contact the Prudential Annuities Sales Desk at 800.513.0805 or their local wholesaler.